I wanted to do a play on the “Father, I want to marry my brother" trope, but something happened. :(

Connected version here [x]

major life goal complete

Report: Type-0 HD for 2015 worldwide, bundled with FFXV demo


In what is likely a leak of information that was supposed to be announced at Tokyo Game Show in the upcoming days, GameInformer reported that Square Enix will be releasing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in North America on March 17, 2015; in Japan on March 19, 2015; and in Europe on March 20, 2015. The game is a high definition remaster of Final Fantasy Type-0, which originally came out in Japan for PlayStation Portable in 2011.

Type-0 HD will also come bundled with a demo for Final Fantasy XV, titled Episode Duscae. It focuses on an early portion of the game, and some gameplay elements have been altered from what will be the final version for demo purposes.

No word of a release window for Final Fantasy XV has been given.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD and Final Fantasy XV will be available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


Male protagonist lives alone with one of his grandparents. He has a different being inside of him, capable of mind crushing others. One day his grandparent is kidnapped by a rich villain that is using a hologram duel game in his evil scheme

yu gi oh or dramatical murder?


I didn’t know what you meant with “manly Seto” so I just drew a kind-of-summery-Seto haha

Thanks for requesting, anon!

tumblr activity 1/∝ ffxiv activity


Megaten games has the recurring themes of free will, law, chaos, death and rebirth, and the protagonist being watched while he sleeps. 

» “I believed in you.”

» Oh, really…? Just what was it about me that made you want to believe in me so bad?
» Well? I don’t have anything to say to YOU. If crimes could be solved by appealing to morality, we wouldn’t need the police!
» The person you believed in was a version of me who only existed in your head. You decided on your own to believe in me, and that decision betrayed you. Why complain about it to me?


Thank you a lot!

I’m not a lot into drawing ships so here you have a soft, awkward Setokano drawing haha…


exactly what are you deceiving seto to see, kano?? (tied up pigs)

had to draw some of these two bc of the latest episode plus shouri (mainly bc shouri)

He’s gotten so tall!”
"… I’m still taller."

happy birthday 06.24.2014


anybody who says video game music isn’t real music is a person who doesn’t need to be in your life tbh




You know how there’s a theory that no two people see a colour the exact same way.

Does that mean colour is like

a pigment of your imagination.




Took a break from making new prints to continue playing Overclocked after I had to stop to grind fo demons. Also restarted Digital Devil Saga on the PSN. Gotta touch errything~

All these voices but none for MC lol