crucible of crudeness

[14:17:11] [G] [84:Musique]: my coc will b perfect
[14:17:23] [G] [85:Ouryu]: need 5 men for your COC
[14:17:26] [G] [84:Musique]: it will be as easy as a kid playing in a sandbox
[14:17:27] [G] [85:Stackbundlez]: LOL
[14:17:34] [G] [85:Ouryu]: oh god
[14:17:35] [G] [85:Ouryu]: i hate you
[14:17:39] [G] [84:Musique]: LOL
[14:17:42] [G] [85:Ouryu]: not touching your COC
[14:17:46] [G] [84:Musique]: NOoo

nsfw context after the break
i’m warning you

Posted on Oct 01, 2011 at 17:22